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Buying Access Online

Subscribe to the package that best suits your needs and instantly get started with Typing Test Pro!

You can choose from monthly and yearly subscriptions with the option of one, two or five customizable Typing Tests.

If you have any special business requirements, please feel free to contact us via email or phone anytime.

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Get Started

Log into your Typing Test Pro account to view your compact and powerful dashboard.

The nifty dashboard interface covers all your recruitment and reporting needs.

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Create Test

While a standard typing test will already be activated in your account, you can also create your own tests, modify an existing one or activate other tests from the 'Manage Tests' tab.

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Manage Test

From your 'Manage Test' tab, you can change the content of the typing test, preview the test before sending it to the test taker, change the basic test settings, set your own pass requirements and lots more.

Yes - it’s fully customizable!

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View Test Results

View your test results right on your dashboard. You can also filter the results to find the right match.

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What's More?

With Typing Test Pro, you can view reports, export them to Microsoft Excel and even print reports directly from your dashboard. Typing Test Pro has got it all covered!

Instantly save hours of effort and paperwork with Typing Test Pro.